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Towards A Global Art Education FrameWork

While developing a framework for a ‘Global Art Education Curriculum’ some thoughts to consider….

(Actually, what is “global” ? most current definitions are by economists and historians)

Step 1: What is it that you are studying?

“Global art education in formal setting”

How can we make art education global?

Or what does global mean in terms of art education?

Step 2: Theoretical concepts or practiced structures

Since this is education, all topics that relate to people/ human beings are relevant, and also especially because this is “art”. Diaspora studies, migration and transnational studies are especially important concepts because they are global movements (physically) and relationships and economy.

Literacy/ visual literacy/ visual communication/ ; theories of learning and cognition;

Step 3: role of the individual in my research

The individual is central to my research topic because I am trying to act on the individual and “learning” happens individually. My approach to education is learner centered (Dewey; Eisner; etc) also takes into account multiple literacy etc.

Step 4: space where my subject matter located

My subject matter is located everywhere where formal learning interaction happens, such as schools (both virtual and real space). Also museums and other spaces are included if they follow a formal curriculum. (how do you assess informal, therefore I do not want to include informal settings)

Step 5:            how do you know your framework is global? What is your measurement criteria?


Step 6:            how is this criteria reflected in my curriculum? What do the students do to show that they are interpreting art globally/ creating art/ reading visual clues globally

Definition of your global art education (curriculum) and testing/assessment of your curriculum, how do you do that?


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